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MostArts Festival Workshop: Master Gardener Workshop “Growing and Arranging Flowers from your Yard and Garden”

Instructors: Master Gardeners Mary Harris and Debbie MacCrea

Date: Tuesday, July 10

Time: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Location: Connors Family Pavilion

Workshop Fee: $25 supplies included

Limit: 25 participants

A gorgeous arrangement of fresh-cut flowers greets you with your morning coffee- does life get any better on a summer morning? How about the fact that YOU have planted the seed or seedling, nurtured it to perfection- and then created this lovely still life yourself? There now!

We welcome you BACK from our first flower arranging workshop and invite you to bring a friend to...Growing and Arranging Flowers from your Yard and Garden.

Spend time with Master Gardeners Debbie MacCrea and Mary Harris as they demonstrate their techniques for creating a variety of floral arrangements. You will learn what annuals, perennials, and field flowers are conducive to being cut and what you can do to make them last in the home environment. Then the FUN begins as participants choose a container to fill with a bounty of natural specimens brought in from Debbie and Mary's gardens to create their own arrangement. All materials will be supplied by the instructors -- just bring your imagination and eye for beauty.

About Mary Harris:

Master Gardener Mary Harris is not content leaving the aesthetic of her perennial garden outside. A forty year gardener in Allegany County, she has come to understand which flowers not only thrive in the harsh western New York climate but are also willing to embellish our interiors with their beauty and aroma. Creating dynamic arrangements using nature's bounty is her ongoing endeavor.

About Debbie MacCrea:

Debbie MacCrea began gardening at her Mother’s elbow, and has been growing food and flowers at her family farm for nearly 4 decades, as well as marketing her blooms at local Farmer’s Markets, Natural Food Stores, Bakeries and Produce Markets. One of her favorite tasks is creating floral arrangements for weddings and other special occasions. She became a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener, in an effort to share her love and knowledge with her community.

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