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MostArts Festival Workshop: One Day Clay Workshop

Instructor: Linda Huey

Location: Connors Family Pavilion

Workshop Fee: $25 per workshop, supplies included

Limit: 15 participants

Monday, July 9 - Fossilized Bowls
9:00 am to 11:30 am

Many fossils can be found in the Alfred, NY area, in stream beds and fields. The local fossils are from the “Devonian” period, the age of fish 450 million years ago, when everything was covered by an ocean. But what will fossils look like from our millennium? Will there be a record of our lives with such things as in all the trash we throw away?

In this clay workshop we will make simple bowls that we will be heavily textured all over to look like fossils from our present day. We can use real fossils found in Alfred pressed in for texture, but also small toys, animal foot print stamps, crumpled foil, computer parts, leaves, and anything you can think of to use. You can also draw words, pictures, musical notes, or add small shapes. For historical reference we will look at Bernard Palissy’s work in clay (1510-1590) for an encrusted, fossil-like surface.

You can fire your bowl during the Raku Extravaganza at the end of the week on Saturday. Join us and have fun making bowls that record whatever you want to be preserved like a fossil after it is fired. Beginners or advanced welcome. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. All clay, tools and raku glazes will be provided.

Monday, July 9 - Three Ways to Make a Tea Bowl
2:00pm to 4:30pm

Tea bowls have been an important part of Japanese culture since the 16th century. They were hand built, quick fired and used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Their “Wabi Sabi” aesthetic can be applied to our approach in making them…using understatement, randomness, asymmetry, modesty, and imperfection. The “flawed beauty” of a tea bowl makes it an object of contemplation about life’s impermanence and transience. A demonstration will show three different techniques for making a tea bowl: pinching, using a support from, and making a cylinder. You will also have the option of firing your tea bowl during the Raku Extravaganza at the end of the week on Saturday. Come join the fun! For any level of experience, from beginner to advanced. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Clay, tools, and glaze will be provided.

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Linda Huey

Linda Huey

Linda Huey makes pottery and sculpture inspired by nature. As a full time studio artist, she teaches workshops and maintains studios in Boston, MA and Alfred, NY. Each summer her pottery is on display in a sugar shed next to the garden on her property, open by chance or appointment, and included in an annual Alfred summer event called “From the Earth”. Linda received a Masters Degree in Ceramic Art from Alfred University and is represented in Massachusetts by Clark Gallery. Her work has been published in numerous books and national magazines and is included in public and private collections, including the Erie Art Museum, where her sculptural installation “Dark Garden” was on display for the year of 2016.